Teaching post.

Teaching post


1. Refrain from sleeping on three occasions

A) Until the Fajr_ar_the_surrection

B) From the other_magrib and

C) Maghrib_ from Esha till .

2. Do not sit with a stupid person. As with those who smell cigarettes or raw pajas with the smell of those people

3. Do not lie to a person who speaks ill before sleeping.

4. Refrain from eating and drinking in the left hand.

5. Avoid eating food stuck in your teeth.

6. Avoid boiling the toes in your hands.

7. Take a look before wearing shoes.

8. Do not look towards the sky while in prayer.

9. Do not spit on the toilet.

10. Do not meddle with coal.

11. Put a pants or trouser foot pajamas before wearing the right foot.

12. Do not cool the food with the blister.
If necessary, you can wind.

13. Do not break your teeth with tough teeth.

15. Do not talk about Iqamah and prayers.

16. Do not talk while in the toilet.

17. Do not talk about friends.
Nothing good.
To say good, the devil will throw out something bad by mouth.

18. Do not create adversity for friends.

19. Do not look back often and again.

20. During the walk, do not be stabbed to the ground.

21. Do not doubt friends.

22. Never lie
Not even joking.

23. Do not dry the smell of food near the nose.

24 Speak clearly so that people can easily understand.

25. Do not travel alone.
Travel more than two or more if possible.

26. Do not make important decisions alone,
Consult with someone who is intelligent.
But the decision will be yours.

27 Never be proud of yourself.

28 Never mind eating food.
Thank God for what you have received.

29 Do not be arrogant.
Pride is the only God's punishment.

30. Do not mock the beggars.

31. Enjoy the best of the guests as well as the best.

32. Collaborate on something good.

33. Be patient during poverty also.

34. Think about your mistakes and follow them.

35. Those who do something bad to you,
Treat them well.

36. Be content with whatever you have.
Grateful for what Alhamdulillah has given to God.

37. Do not sleep much,
It will lose memory power.

38. For at least 100 times a day, repentant to Allah Pak, for his own mistakes.
Read Astaghfirullah

39 Do not eat anything in the dark.

40. Do not eat mouth and eat

Do not let the kids eat and eat the face.

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